Invest Your IRA into Real Estate


Learn how to invest your IRA or Mutual Fund in Real Estate.

Investing Your IRA into Real Estate

Invest in something that will truly spark your passion.

Contact me to learn what types of property to look for, what you can and cannot do with a self-directed IRA. Learn about an investment that you may not have heard of.

Diversify and take control of your investment dollars so your retirement can go far!

One popular application of funds in a self-directed IRA has been direct or
indirect investments in the ultimate “hard” asset: real estate.

When it comes to real estate investing with your IRA, you can invest in property for long-term appreciation, rental income or a short-term “flip” (renovating with the aim of quickly selling at a profit). You can even benefit from real estate without owning the property itself by using self-directed IRA funds to purchase mortgage notes and trust deeds secured by real estate.

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